Customizable ColorSchemes in Oracle Forms 12c

So this is how the ‘New Features in Oracle Forms 12c’ presentation mentions the new Customizable ColorSchemes in Forms 12c.  Thanks to Michael Ferrante, Oracle Forms Product Manager for the updates.  As ever, the devil is in the detail. Many years ago I... read more

Oracle Forms 12c New Features – GET_RECMGR_STATS

I have seen and heard many presentations on Oracle Forms 12c new features. They all mention GET_RECMGR_STATS as a new feature, but so far have yet to see anyone use this new built-in. To start the ball rolling I created a simple form to see what is returned in the 6... read more

Oracle BI Cloud Service Data Sync

It is no great surprise that all the major vendors are pushing cloud solutions. With an affiliation to Oracle and recent attendance at the Irish Oracle Usergroup i am seeing a lot of what Oracle is working on in the cloud. Company wise we are working with Oracle to... read more

Extending Oracle VirtualBox disks

Virtualisation can be a strange world, but one worth exploring. It makes administering software environments and testing various setups much easier, you can quickly go back to a point in time before you messed up! However, this means you will be using snapshots within... read more

Anything new?

So if its not Cloud it is Mobile. I can sit and bemoan the days of character mode (vt220) and X-Motif (Sun Workstations) but it is time to get bang up-to-date. New laptop is just about to arrive. An HP ENVY Notebook – 15-ae109na (ENERGY STAR) – complete... read more
David Brown

David Brown

It has been a while, but I am now back in the Oracle Ecosystem. Time spent out with SAP and a couple of smaller companies... now getting back to my roots. My first introduction to Oracle was in the early days of version 4, along with forms version 2.0 (an interesting question and answer interface..) Things have moved on a lot! 12c database, middleware and tools. These posts will be from my use of the Oracle product stack. I will also discuss products from PITSS, where I am now working.

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